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Fact sheets

Fact sheets and information on the Australian government’s refugee policies

The facts on refugees, March 2012 (Refugee Action Coalition)

Download pdf version here

Why Sri Lanka and Afghanistan are not safe

The government is currently trying to deport asylum seekers back to Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, these fact sheets explains why Sri Lanka and Afghanistan are not safe, especially for persecuted groups like the Tamils and Hazaras

Sri Lanka fact sheet

Afghanistan fact sheet

Why do some asylum seekers destroy their passports?

People often ask why asylum seekers don’t have passports or other identity documents when they arrive. This fact sheet explains why many legitimate refugees are forced to do so.

Download pdf  version here

Asylum seeker statistics

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (Melbourne) has up to date statistics on numbers of asylum seekers in Australia, numbers in detention, cost of detention and self-harm statistics

Visit the page or download the pdf here

The “Malaysian solution”, May 2011 (Refugee Action Coalition)

Download pdf version here

Ten myths about Australia’s plan to swap refugees with Malaysia (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre)

Download pdf version here

Australia’s legal obligations to refugees, February 2011 (Refugee Action Coalition)

Includes information on offshore processing and the implications of the last year’s High Court decision on its legality

Download pdf version here

Myths about the differences between judicial review, merits review, procedural fairness and natural justice in refugee law

Download pdf version here

Debunking the myths on refugees, August 2010 (Refugee Action Coalition)

Myths and facts August 2010

Statistics on number of boat arrivals

Stats compiled by Project SafeCom

Visa freeze fact sheet, April 2010 (Refugee Action Coalition)

Fact sheet on visa freeze

Indonesian solution fact sheet, December 2009 (Refugee Action Coalition)

RAC Victoria fact sheets

Fact sheet on the Siev X tragedy, 19 October 2001, when 353 asylum seekers drowned (prepared by RAC Canberra)

Asylum seeker Resource Centre fact sheets

Myths about queue jumping, that we face a “flood” of refugees, that refugees are wasting tax payers money

Fact sheet on the “East Timor solution” and off-shore processing

Edmund Rice Centre fact sheets

Debunking the myths in 2010


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