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November 10, 2011


by refugeeactioncoalitionsydney

For the second time in two days, Afghan asylum seekers in the south 1 compound of the Darwin detention centre have gone a rampage destroying equipment inside the compound.

It is understood the latest trouble came around 4pm this (Darwin time, Thursday) afternoon, when Serco and AFP officers entered the compound to capture and remove around 10 Afghan asylum seekers.

The ten have been taken away from the detention by bus and it is believed they are being taken to Christmas Island – which is being turned in to the Devil’s Island of Australia’s detention regime.

Today’s trouble follows a rampage on Tuesday night was precipitated by a number of rejections and confusion about the offers of bridging visas. A large number of the Afghan asylum seekers have been in detention for up to 22 months.

On Tuesday night, computers, TVs, washing machines, tables and other fittings were damaged in the protest.

“The punitive raid by Serco and the AFP will do nothing to solve the problems in the Darwin detention centre. The problem is not a handful of trouble-makers, but a detention regime that has produced nothing but injustice and despair. There had been a serious self harm and an attempted hanging in south 1 in the aftermath of the rejections on Tuesday.

“The Minister is resorting to more stick to solve the problem that he has created with long term detention. The solution is not punishment and internal exile to Christmas Island, the solution is to end mandatory detention. The Minister is compounding the injustice of detention. Serco is presiding over a kangaroo court – people are being sent to Christmas Island presumed guilty on the whim of Serco guards.”

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