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August 5, 2011

Rally against first deportations to Malaysia

by refugeeactioncoalitionsydney

No to the Malaysia solution

Rally 5pm Friday August 26, Sydney Town hall

The first boat of asylum seekers the Gillard government hopes to deport to Malaysia under its refugee swap deal are now being held on Christmas Island. The first asylum seekers are planned to be sent back either Sunday or Monday, with single men sent first. There are 18 children, including as many as 14 unaccompanied minors. The government says there will be no “blanket exemptions” to stop them being sent to fend for themselves in Malaysia.

Disgustingly, the government has upped the number of Federal Police on the island to 70, and has declared its willingness to use force and “do what was necessary” to send refugees back to Malaysia. These 54 refugees, mainly Afghans, Iraqis and Iranians, should not be sent to Malaysia. Join this protest to condemn the Gillard government’s efforts to press ahead with the “Malaysia solution” and demand the deal be scrapped.

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